"There is nothing more beautiful than a women pursuing her purpose"

"There is nothing more beautiful than a women pursuing her purpose"

Annie Syryda. Women's Success Coach


Annie Syryda. Women's Success Coach

I am just like YOU! Watch this not-so- perfect video to learn more!

A little story about me...


A Simple Girl at Heart

I'm just a rural girl married to my high school sweetheart, raising two busy boys and always seeking balance (whatever that means)! I am light hearted, LOVE breakfast food and will eat it for every meal if you let me. I love fashion, clean beauty and a good mojito now and then!


Helping Women Rise to Their Full Potential

I am a certified Life Coach, a business coach and have been a Registered Social worker for 18 years. I run a successful home business where I coach women entrepreneurs in crushing their goals but also finding balance and happiness along the way.


My Mantra

I truly believe in the power of persistence, getting out of my own way and enjoying the journey! I take each day as it comes and each road block as a growth opportunity. I know that in this life when the tide rises, all ships sail and in lifting others, our own light can shine bright!

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Need some Clarity for life after Quarantine?

Adapting to self-isolation mode was a difficult transition, but getting back to "reality" is going to be just as strange! 💭

However, the time we've spent staying closer to home has provided us with a unique opportunity to reflect on what's really important and what we want our lives to look like coming out the other end of this.

I've been thinking about this fact, so I decided to put together my latest FREE guide to help share my ideas with this community. It's called A Rural Girl's Guide To Creating Her New Normal, and I hope it helps you make the best out of the truly unique situation we're going through right now. 

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Rural Girl Coaching Testimonials


One on One Coaching

Goals, Grit & Gratitude program

One on One Coaching

I love how Annie has gotten to know me and through looking at my "Wellness Wheel" set up a plan to target 3 areas in my life. Reflecting on this and seeing this visual example made things so much clearer. What I absolutely loved and it made these so attainable, but so incredibly valuable for my life, was setting goals and creating a couple of small tasks to focus on for that short period of time, to help me achieve that goal. 

Jaana - Thunder Bay, ON


One on One coaching

Goals, Grit & Gratitude program

One on One Coaching

She is kind, and knowledgeable and super fun to chat with. She is also very relatable. I really love how even though she has all sorts of ideas and recommendations she really helped me to actually find out for myself what I was desiring and what actions I could choose to create more!" 

Jen - Athabasca, AB


Goals, Grit & Gratitude program

Goals, Grit & Gratitude program

Goals, Grit & Gratitude program

Annie facilitated a fabulous and engaging workshop! I feel like we started right where we needed to and it was organized and thought provoking. I would definitely do another workshop with Annie! 

Beth ~ Peterborough, ON


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