"There is nothing more beautiful than a women pursuing her purpose"

"There is nothing more beautiful than a women pursuing her purpose"

"There is nothing more beautiful than a women pursuing her purpose""There is nothing more beautiful than a women pursuing her purpose"

Business Mentor Defined

Want to level up in your Business?

In the past 10 years of doing business there is one thing that stands out for me and that is; a growth mindset always equals success. I make it my daily goal to learn something new and always to think outside the box! 

As a leader in my business community I make it my focus to help other women balance life and business by finding their purpose and ultimately creating a life that they LOVE! 

If you answer YES to any of the below questions, hiring a business mentor might be right for you;

1. Is it hard to find the time to fit your business in to your busy life schedule?

2. Are you struggling with setting clear boundaries with personal/business time?

3. Are old habits/thoughts not allowing you to move you into the next level of success in your business?

4. Do you struggle with confidence?

5. Does organizing your business finances make you queasy? 

6. Are you confused by social media and want some guidance to up your game?

At one time or another I have struggled with the above questions and it was through mentorship and a growth  mindset that I have continued to find my way to success!

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A Growth Mindset Always Equals Success - Rural Girl

Level Up Your Business Success


Social Media

Want to create a professional social media presence? Lets work together to streamline your brand/product online and create a simple way to sustain it so that you can spend your time doing what you love best!

Business Life Balance

Want to create some clear boundaries with work and home life? Lets come up with strategies and a plan of action to keep a healthy line between both aspects of your life!

Confidence Building

Want to increase your confidence in business? Lets re-wire old thoughts to build confidence and work on daily habits to keep up those new brain pathways!

Ready To Level Up?

So here is the thing...because you and your business are  unique, we need to create a plan that suits your individual business needs! Lets work together virtually or in person (local) to get started! I always offer a FREE 30 min consult to see if this is the right fit for you!

$75 hr or $199 for 3 sessions


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